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Financial Planning / PFV

Our goal is to provide you with sound financial advice so you can make informed decisions.  Everyone has a different set of concerns and needs and we tailor our solutions to your unique situation.  

We build financial plans using Personal Financial View R, a web based solution where you can access your financial information in one secure location and collaborate on plan design.

Through one on one conversations, data gathering and our comprehensive planning process, we provide you with a road-map to organize your financial life, achieve your goals and objectives and focus on accomplishing what truly matters to you.  

Step 1: Discovery Meeting

We begin with a free, no obligation consultation to determine if financial planning is right for you.  During this consultation we discuss your needs and goals and how our team can help.  Should you engage us for a financial plan, a fee is charged based on the complexity of your situation and we begin data gathering and plan development.  

Step 2:  Connections Call / Meeting

During this 30-60 minute video conference call or meeting, a team member will set up your client website, review basic data and help link all your accounts.

Step 3:  Data Entry

Our team will enter the data provided and review your base plan to discuss needs, general observations and recommendations.  

Step 4:  Data Verification Meeting

During this 60-90 minute meeting we will verify data and assumptions, discuss short falls and needs and collaborate to finalize the base plan.

Step 5:  Plan Finalization

Our team will work on building and writing solutions to your financial goals.  As needed, we may also work with our in-house attorneys and specialists.  

Step 6:  Plan Delivery Meeting

During this 60-90 minute meeting we will present the final plan, model various strategies, look at "what-ifs" and discuss a timeline for implementation.

Step 7: *Implement Plan

Once the plan is delivered we will work with you to determine how best to implement each aspect of the financial plan.  A written action list with a timeline for completion helps us to stay organized throughout the implementation process.  This may involve collaboration with your other financial professionals (i.e. CPA, attorney, etc.), or recommending appropriate financial professionals to assist if needed.  

Step 8:  Monitor and Review Plan 

Financial planning is an ongoing process and not a one time event. During the course of our one year engagement, we will monitor the appropriateness of your financial plan and progress toward reaching your goals.  We recommend re-engaging us for an update plan every 1-3 years, or if there has been a significant life event. The update plan fee may be waived based on your assets under management.   

*Implementation of plan recommendations may result in fees and/or commissions separate from financial planning fees.